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I am a wife and friend to my very supportive husband, a mother of 3, step mother to 2 and grandmother to 7. I bring a wealth of life experience to each and every occasion and I truly value the time spent with you all and for allowing me into your very private world. I intuitively feel the nuts and bolts of your family / couple dynamics and use it to generate the energy needed to create amazing images. My own family spans from 9 months to 90 years and my own children are finding love and tying the knot, building families of their own and enriching my life (and theirs) moment by moment,  so it’s all happening for me too and trust me I know what goes on behind the scenes as well. I am well known for helping wedding couples, families and new Mums n Dads like you feel instantly at ease in front of the camera whilst I capture your unique story in a very distinctive way by using light and movement to breathe a beautiful energy into your images. My goal is for you to walk away from the session feeling like you had the best time ever and super excited to see the beautiful imagery we have created together . Your little piece of magic.

With a lifestyle of rural living from the sheep/wheat belt of Western Australia, to my teenage years spent in Perth, to raising my family on a remote cattle property in Far Western Queensland , to my little bit of paradise on acreage in Townsville – I guess you could say this is where my quirky love of all things rustic comes in – the rustier and more dilapidated the better! My family just smile and bring me old wagon wheels that have been unearthed from some remote paddock, or a rusty old Toyota ute with the roof all falling in, or old hardwood sleepers destined for the dump  – they just know I get really excited over these things – they’re my flowers or chocolates. Hey, it makes for really great props and this is exactly what I do with them. We have worked hard to create a little rustic setting complete with log cabin, old machinery, grassy paddocks and animals so that our clients can have their country shoot in the city! My cozy little home studio completes the whole experience. It’s a comfy little space to hang out whilst I work with your precious bubba, or meet you for the first time for your wedding interview or when you’re viewing your finished images and choosing your products . Children and parents are always included in every session I do, so there are a few toys and games for the children to play with to help with the wait times as well.

With my love of all things rustic – I have spent endless hours scouting for suitable but unique products that will complement your style of images for your wall art or albums.  I can honestly say now that I am proud to showcase  really top of the range, excellent quality products ready to hang that have long term warranties so that they remain in prime condition for generations to come. The quality of these printed products far outweigh anything offered in standard print labs found in department stores.

Why do I do what I do?

Because of YOU!  I love meeting you all and telling each of your stories. Creating amazing imagery really energizes me too – I am just so passionate about it I get to unleash the creative side of me for which I am forever grateful.

Are you ready to create a little bit of photographic magic?  Let’s do it!



Thank you so much Karen, for your time and patience with the smile shy hubby. I absolutely LOVE every single one of these photos so cannot wait for the rest! We were WELL overdue for family portraits and am extremely happy with the results.

– Vanita Ah Kit, May 2018

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